Unleash Chaos in this card themed casual bullet hell roguelike twin stick shooter!


  • Movement: WASD or hold right mouse button
  • Aim: arrow keys or mouse
  • Shoot: left click or space
  • Reload: R
    • Auto reload is enabled if you run out of cards
  • Reset after death: R
  • Pause: escape or P
  • Choose powerup: 1, 2, 3 or left click
  • Toggle auto shoot: Q (off by default)
    • Note: there is a movement speed penalty while shooting
  • Toggle auto reload: T (on by default)

Mobile Controls

  • Note: might need auto rotate on (game works best in landscape mode)
  • Movement: left screen joystick
  • Aim: right screen joystick (auto automatically while aiming)
  • Reload: touch deck icons in top right (auto reload is also enabled)
  • Pause: touch top left corner of screen (touch anywhere to unpause)
  • Choose powerup: touch powerup - Reset after death: touch screen anywhere

Extra Mechanics

  • Damage
    • Joker => -5 damage
    • Face => 10 damage
    • Ace => One shot (unless super enemy)
    • Else => number value of card
  • Score and XP
    • 1 per enemy killed
  • There is a movement speed penalty while shooting and reloading


Powerups can stack and are calculated independently (even for 2 of the same time of powerup). You get a stat buff card every level up and a card buff every time you kill a super enemy.

Stat Buffs

  • Red: Flat +1 damage to all cards
  • Green: +2 hp and increase max hp by 2
  • Orange: 5% faster fire rate
  • Purple: 5% movement speed buff

Card Buffs

  • Blue 1: Diamonds pierce one additional enemy
  • Blue 2: Hearts have 5% chance to heal 1 hp (won't increase max hp)
  • Blue 3: Clubs stun for 0.25 seconds
  • Blue 4: Spades have 20% chance to double damage



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Fun game, but the "ace => one shot" from the description doesn't work, at least I interpreted that as "ace kills in one shot" which doesn't work.

Also, because you can shoot so quickly and bullets do so little damage, there is not much reason to play "tactically". I just spam shoot bullets at enemies. Maybe if individual cards dealed more damage, and you shot way slower, and the joker healed more, there would be an actual good reason to play tactically and watch what you're shooting.


Like, having red and black enemies and the red cards do more damage to red enemies and black cards to black enemies or something like that. Making the card make an actual difference.

Thanks for the feedback! One small note: the Ace does not one shot super enemies (the purple ones).


Very good game